UK based comedian and improviser turned writer, with a left wing bent, and an ongoing interest in self development.

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by Neil Gaimon

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I used to find the sport boring. Maybe I’m of an age where everything has slowed down enough for me to appreciate the pace of cricket.

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What it was like returning home to Dorset to see my parents for the first time in 10 months. And I got to sit inside a pub!

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A life journey from instant coffee, through to arabica and the Aeropress

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Your mind is great at helping you come up with ideas. But if you think you’re simply going to remember them all, you’re bound to fail.

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Add to that my car breaking down, and things were certainly made tricky!

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Last week I received my second jab. It feels strange to finally get to this stage.

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Following some changes in my lifestyle, my writing has virtually ground to a halt. Now it’s time to get back on the wagon, while integrating with my new habits.

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Producing online content can provoke the backlash of faceless trolls. The positivity on Medium is a very welcome alternative.

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Chris Tavner

Based in Manchester, UK. Comedian, comedy promoter, improvisor and writer

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